Sydney, Australia

Pregnancy and the birth of our baby were wonderful experiences for me. I wanted to enjoy every moment of that amazing time. It was filled with so many different emotions and happenings. Time moved along quickly as my husband and I began to prepare for the birth of our baby. I wanted to do everything I could to ensure a great pregnancy and birth experience. A way to help enable this was by using the EPI-NO. The EPI-NO was recommended through various sources - advertising material, the midwives at the Birth Centre and through Transition into Parenthood classes. There were times during my pregnancy when I felt somewhat apprehensive about the birthing process. Being my first baby it was hard to imagine what the experience was going to be like. However, through using the EPI-NO I began to feel much more confident about the birth. While I still had the first stage of labour to get through I began to feel much more relaxed about the second stage. The EPI-NO itself was generally easy to use after a few sessions. Inserting the EPI-NO and inflating it helped me to feel that my body would be able to do its job during the birthing process. This was especially the case as the EPI-NO began to expand a little more as the weeks moved closer to the birth. During each session I would inflate the EPI-NO to a point of feeling a slight stretching sensation. As this became more comfortable I would expand the EPI-NO a little further to the next point of stretching. This would continue until the conclusion of each session. Expelling the EPI-NO also gave me further confidence in relation to pushing out the baby. While the EPI-NO was never inflated to the size of a baby’s head it allowed me to experience the sensation of pushing something through that part of the birth canal and feeling that I would be able to cope with this sensation during the birth. Well, the experience of delivering our baby was incredible. I got through stage one of labour and moved into stage two feeling that the sensation of the baby coming through into the world was somewhat familiar. Our baby was nearly four kilograms in weight. My perineum had a tear that did not require stitches. I felt without the use of the EPI-NO it would have been much greater as this was my first baby, who was fairly large. As the days and weeks pass after the birth I am able to reflect on the whole experience. I felt I had made a good decision to use the EPI-NO and was thrilled not to be in need of stitches. I believe this helped my recovery from the birth to be much quicker and much more comfortable. For me it was a very proactive way to prepare for the birth and allay some of the apprehension I was experiencing along the way.

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