Guangzhou, China

I heard about EPI-NO from my husband. He read about EPI-NO in the Israeli Guidebook to Pregnancy & Birth. None of the doctors or nurses here had heard about EPI-NO, and I had to complete the EPI-NO training based on the written instructions. Luckily, the instructions are very clear and simple. I started EPI-NO training after 37 Weeks. Within 2 weeks I reached 7.5cm opening during training. Our daughter was born at the 39th Week, 2 weeks after starting the EPI-NO use.

Using EPI-NO, I had the same feeling as the delivery's second stage. On top of that, it taught me how to control muscles and to push the right way.

Thanks to EPI-NO, our daughter was delivered within only 2 pushes inside the delivery room. Sarah, our daughter, was very healthy and active right after birth. I had no cut, no tear and no need for any stitches whatsoever. Within 2 hours after the birth I walked freely and did not feel any discomfort. Leaving the hospital after the birth no-one could tell I just gave birth 60 hours ago. The nurses were very surprised at this outcome for a first delivery. I really think EPI-NO is a good device and want to share my experience with others.

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