Bowral, Australia

I successfully delivered my first child with no stitches or tears, after training with EPI-NO. During my second pregnancy I was advised by my doctor that I'd need a Caesarean as my baby was in the breech position. I began training with EPI-NO anyway, to keep up the strength in my pelvic floor. Days before scheduled Caesarean my baby turned, which meant I could have a natural delivery after all. I immediately stepped up my EPI-NO training before my scheduled induction. The second stage of my labour lasted only minutes, and I was able to push with confidence, knowing my perineum was ready. The midwives couldn't believe that I had delivered my son with not a single tear or graze! I'm so glad that I used the EPI-NO for both my pregnancies, and I'd encourage everyone to so the same, no matter what sort of birth they are expecting.

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